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We have been locked up inside for the past few weeks after wildfires throughout the State of Oregon created smoky, hazardous air quality. For what felt like forever, Portland had the worst air quality in the world. Once again, I am grateful to have a job which allows me to work remotely. The 9 days spent cooped up were hard and depressing, but I was able to carry on.

Over the weekend, I spent time making a lot of new jewelry and put a few new pieces up in the Etsy shop! Check them out below.

I am donating all of my retail and Etsy sales to the Red Cross and other relief organizations. I had my August sales checks standing by when this all started and those have already been donated.

When these disasters unfold around you, it can be a helpless feeling. You want to do something, but it’s often hard to know what. I’ve heard that relief organizations have been overwhelmed with donations of clothing, toiletries and food. So, cash is king.

The Oregon State Fairgrounds served as one of the evacuation zones for people who had to flee their homes. Their website links to volunteer opportunities and organizations needing cash donations. If you’d like to learn more, click here.

How to Accessorize 3 Summer Trends

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Let’s talk about summer trends! A good seasonal trend is never complete without the right accessories to pull it together — so without further ado, below are my favorite looks, complete with accessories from HolderIndustries. All of the clothing below has been carefully selected from sustainable brands, small women owned businesses, and/or lovely makers. I am not representing any of the designers or shops I’ve chosen (other than HolderIndustries) —  I just really like what they’re putting out and how they’re doing it. Happy shopping!

Kaftan Dresses

Kaftans have a long and rich history, originating in cultures of the middle east dating back thousands of years. Kaftans take varied shapes and forms among the cultures who enjoy them, from Persia to Africa, and beyond. Most often, kaftans are made from loose breathable fabrics with vibrant colors and prints. In ancient times, the kaftan style was often worn by royalty. In modern times kaftan dress can be taken from day wear to a chic evening look with the right shoes and accessories.

Use these links to visit shops, L-R: *** StylePark1 on Etsy *** Sseko Designs *** MaLaHandworks on Etsy *** StylePark1 on Etsy

Pair these dresses with:

Visit the HolderIndustries Etsy shop:

Lovely Linen

Linen is a great summer fabric, known for its breathability, durability and casual vibe. It’s the fabric that is supposed to wrinkle. Woven from flax fibers, linen is also sustainable and is another textile dating back thousands of years. These looks are some of my favorites. I’ve linked to each shop below.

Use these links to visit shops (L-R): *** Sotela *** notPERFECTLINEN on Etsy *** Elizabeth Suzann *** Lina Kraun on Etsy

I believe there is somethig slightly bohemian about linen, so accessories with an earthy touch look great. Jewelry with crystals and celestial themes, while still embodying a simple and refined look compliment linen dresses and tops.

Visit the HolderIndustries Etsy shop:

The Classic T-shirt

I love a classic t-shirt with a fancy flair. A plain white v-neck, layered with necklaces, delicate earrings and paired with trousers and sandals is my cup-o-tea. Or, an oversized black t, with a gathered knot, maxi skirt and statement earrings… yes, please.

Use these links to visit shops (L-R): *** Round Plus Square *** MIAKODA New York *** Synergy Organic Clothing *** Madewell

Take the simple look of a basic t-shirt to the next level with a mix of delicate and bold brass jewlery.

Visit the HolderIndustries Etsy shop:

It’s Here! The 2019 HolderIndustries Gift Guide

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When you buy a handmade gift from a small, woman owned business you are supporting someone’s dream. During my journey as a maker and small business owner over the past year-and-a-half, I have had the absolute pleasure of connecting with talented and delightful women, many of whom are still working their full-time day jobs and/or raising children while pursuing their own passions.

Here, I’ve curated a list of special gift ideas for your consideration. Read on and prepare to be inspired and awed by each of these women — and the love, blood, sweat and tears that have gone into their chosen areas of craft.

Copper + Sage Design

Owner and fiber artist Julia Martin creates gorgeous wall hangings made of wool yarn and dyes that she mixes herself. Each one of her beautiful pieces hangs from a wooden dowel or Oregon Sequoia branch. I connected with Julia when we were both featured artists at West Elm’s pop up this Fall. Though we were featured on different weekends, Julia messaged me when she saw me on West Elm’s Instagram feed. Since then, we’ve messaged and followed one another regularly. She is SO TALENTED.

Julia is self-taught in her craft and uses nature as her main source of inspiration. She is passionate about animal welfare and 10% of each sale goes towards finding a cure for Canine cancer. Find Julia on Instagram @CopperandSageDesign where you can follow her, connect to her Etsy shop and/or send her a direct message regarding a custom order.

I am planning my Copper + Sage Design custom order and can’t wait to hang her beautiful art in my home.

Detox by Design

I have known the woman behind Detox by Design for more than 15 years. I first met Megan Mikkelsen when we were wee graduate students at Portland State University. Since then, we’ve both embarked on our respective careers. Over the past few years, Megan has spun her passion for healthy and toxic free living into a business, Detox by Design.

Visit Megan’s website where you can sign up for her weekly newsletter and search for toxin free product recommendations. Megan represents a beauty line called Crunchi, which is toxin free, organic, and seriously awesome. I am a big fan of Crunchi’s foundation, blushes, highlighters, lip glosses… need I go on? The products smell wonderful and are some of the best quality I have ever used. Most importantly, they are completely safe, which is a difficult quality to find in beauty products. Megan also offers a vibrant Facebook Community and toxin free living consultations, which you can find on her website by clicking here.

I have learned so much from Megan and am grateful that I have a less toxic lifestyle because of her. If you’re looking for a unique gift for an eco-conscious friend or family member, head over to Detox by Design.


I couldn’t write a gift guide without plugging my own business, could I? For those of you who may not know me, I’m Cassie Buckroyd and I design and make all the pieces you see from HolderIndustries. My favorite material to work with is brass, but I also tinker in silver, gemstones and beaded jewelry. I use both prefabricated metal charms and pieces that I cut and hammer with my own two hands. Most of my creating happens in my home in Portland, Oregon or in my little mountain workshop in Rhododendron. I am mostly obsessed with making jewelry, but also dabble in snagging up vintage jewelry and home décor, which you can find in my Etsy shop.

You can find HolderIndustries on Etsy, in a few retailers in Portland and the Willamette Valley, as well as at some holiday markets in the coming weeks. Click here for a complete list!

Suffragette Studio

Rachel Delmotte is the (badass) artist behind Suffragette Studio in Portland, Oregon. Rachel designs fun and beautiful cards, love notes and posters with messages in support of empowering all women. I have personally snagged up a few of her posters and several cards that I have given to friends and coworkers. Rachel is serious about advancing and supporting women and donates 20% of her proceeds to local nonprofits that do the same.

Wandering Clay Studio

To say I am obsessed with ceramics would be an understatement. I simply cannot get enough of it and stalk, err, follow, many local artists on Instagram and have curated several pieces for my home. I am especially fond of April McNamara and her artful pieces at Wandering Clay Studio. Her pottery features both bold geometric designs, as well as simple and classic. Her pottery is available in many forms –planters, vases, mugs, bowls, plates, serving platters, and more. You can find April’s art on her website and follow her on Instagram. She takes custom orders too!

Woman and Wolf

I connected with Virginia, of Woman and Wolf, at my very first jewelry show at Apolloni Vineyards in September of 2018 and got to see her again almost a year later at Wayward Winds Lavender Farm this past July. Virginia creates lovely skin care products using sustainably harvested ingredients sourced in Oregon, some from her own garden. A true believer in the power of plants, she creates her own recipes and decided that if she can grow and make her own food, she can do the same with her skin care products. Virginia has created a line of essential products that everyone should have on hand.

I have personally used her cleansing bars (heavenly), Rough Patch Restorative Rose Balm and Public Remedy CBD Oil on a roll. I keep her Happy Place essential oil on a roll and You Got This spray at work for those moments I need to take a deep, calming breath of something that smells delicious. And that’s quite often, these days. 😀

Shop Virginia’s delightful line at

 Z Candles Studio

Erica Zabudsky, the woman behind Z Candles Studio, has a passion for creating comfortable cozy spaces and believes that candles are an important element in creating that environment. Her hand poured candles contain 100% soy wax derived from domestic soybeans and come in modern amber glass jars. Z Candles are safe to burn, as there are no chemicals released into the air and the candle wicks are made from natural cotton and do not contain lead or zinc.

I have long been a fan of Z Candles and have several scents for my home and that I’ve given as gifts. My favorite scents include Citrus Boost, Oakmoss + Amber, Grapefruit, and Aloe + Green Tea. There are several gift combinations and options available and Erica is constantly coming up with new fragrances that I can’t wait to try. On my most recent visit to the Z Candles website, I noticed she is now carrying soaps! Submitting order in 3, 2, 1…

In addition to their website, Z Candles can be found in several Portland area retailers. For a complete list, click here.

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The Creative Perfectionist

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I remember, clearly, the first time someone called me a perfectionist. I was 18 years old and was being trained in my first post-high school job as a barista. The comment caused me to pause and think about the meaning of the word and how it applied to me. As it swirled in my brain, I felt satisfaction and decided that I am a perfectionist – the word fit me well and, in fact, it felt like a big compliment. “How could it be bad to do things perfectly?”, I thought smugly.

More than 20 years later, I am realizing that being a perfectionist isn’t quite all I thought it was. As it turns out, putting pressure on oneself to do things with perfection can really hold a girl back. Now in my forties, I am trying to let go of my perfectionism.

To be a perfectionist is to be a people pleaser, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that you can’t please everyone. What I’ve learned is that perfectionism is the road block between the life I am currently living and the life I dream of. To be a perfectionist means to fear failure and, therefore, to not take risks and stick with what I know will bring success. And that’s, boring.

I first realized that my perfectionism is a roadblock just a few years ago when I started a new job that gave me complete creative freedom to create wellness programming and communications. As I designed these programs and the marketing campaigns to go with them, I realized that I would actually have to put these programs out to my audience, which meant putting myself, my ideas and my creativity out to thousands of people. People I work with, none the less. What if they thought my programs were lame, stupid or not helpful? What if my marketing collateral had a (gasp) typo?! What if the programs didn’t make the impact I so desperately wanted them to make in people’s lives?

As I stalled in launching my programs, I saw what I was doing and the “compliment” of being a perfectionist came back to me. I made the decision to start from where I was and learn from whatever mistakes I might make, what might flop, what might now work. With butterflies in my stomach, I launched my programs — and I didn’t stop launching for several years. Some of my programs were successful, others were very impactful, and some quietly fizzled. Letting go of my perfectionism was liberating and, in turn, I made the impact I wanted to. I got to see the difference I was making.

That was more than five years ago and now I have launched my creative-side business, HolderIndustries. Even though everyone else in my immediate family is a talented musician, artist, and/or maker, I never saw myself as a creative person. I think that’s because it’s hard to be a creative and a perfectionist at the same time, if you want to actually put your creativity out for public consumption. I’ve learned, even more now, how perfectionism has held me back from getting to know and explore myself as a creative person, my gifts and ultimately what I am passionate about.

So here I am at 42 years old, letting go of perfectionism and just going with it. Trying to put myself out there, despite the butterflies and the fear.

How is perfectionism holding you back? Or how have you let it go? Or, have you never felt the pressure to be perfect? Below are some videos and articles that may resonate with you.

TED Institute: Perfectionism holds us back. Here’s why. by Charly Haversat

BBC: The Dangerous Downsides to Perfectionism

Czech Out Our New Beaded Hoops!

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New to the Etsy shop are vibrant and colorful beaded hoops made from Czech beads that I picked up at my local bead store. I’m really excited, since these are unlike any of the other pieces I’ve made in the past. It’s always fun to find new inspiration. I like how these turned out and plan to keep at it with additional color combinations. I hope you like them too!

The Power of Women

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There’s nothing quite like the power of women supporting one another. As it turns out, this isn’t just a feeling one gets from being in the presence of other women. A recent Forbes article, Power of the Pack: Women Who Support Other Women Are More Successful, demonstrates how women who form supportive networks go on to be more successful in their career.

It’s not just about attending as many events as you can, or sending out LinkedIn connection requests to gain as many contacts as possible. It is about cultivating a diverse inner circle that represents the many facets of who you are, where you want to take your career and who share your interests and goals. Basically, it’s all about the thoughtful fostering of meaningful relationships and giving back – what are you doing to lift up other women?

Read the article and then let us know what you think. Have you successfully built your own internal network and found it to be rewarding? Have you struggled to build a network? Do you agree with what the article is saying? Share your thoughts!

Spring is in the Air!


One of my favorite parts of welcoming a new season is new fashion trends! I’ve been scoping out what’s hot this year, and 2019 is full of new and returning looks in accessories. If there’s one thing that all of these trends have in common, it’s that they all make a statement, adding that final touch to pull together any look.


The stars have aligned and celestial themed jewelry is a huge hit this Spring! Jewelry showcasing beautiful suns, moons, and stars are everywhere and add a beautiful bohemian flair to your look.
To shop this look on HolderIndustries, click here.

Mixed Metal
It used to be that you were a gold person or you were a silver person, but not usually both and most definitely not together. The rules have changed and pieces mixing silver and brass, gold and platinum, copper and…. all metals are fair game and are hot this Spring. 

Lariat Necklaces
Maybe I’m the only person who has never heard of a lariat necklace, but I recently started seeing them everywhere and had to start making them immediately! A lariat necklace does not have a clasp or closure. It is fastened by threading one end through another, or by tying a knot in the jewelry. The style is dynamic, unique and beautiful!

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Drop earrings are sleek and sexy. One of my favorite looks for a good drop earring is the joining of two geometric shapes by a single, dainty link of chain. Like these brand new earrings listed in the HolderIndustries etsy shop!

Styles that Aren’t Going Anywhere…

Brass Everything