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We have been locked up inside for the past few weeks after wildfires throughout the State of Oregon created smoky, hazardous air quality. For what felt like forever, Portland had the worst air quality in the world. Once again, I am grateful to have a job which allows me to work remotely. The 9 days spent cooped up were hard and depressing, but I was able to carry on.

Over the weekend, I spent time making a lot of new jewelry and put a few new pieces up in the Etsy shop! Check them out below.

I am donating all of my retail and Etsy sales to the Red Cross and other relief organizations. I had my August sales checks standing by when this all started and those have already been donated.

When these disasters unfold around you, it can be a helpless feeling. You want to do something, but it’s often hard to know what. I’ve heard that relief organizations have been overwhelmed with donations of clothing, toiletries and food. So, cash is king.

The Oregon State Fairgrounds served as one of the evacuation zones for people who had to flee their homes. Their website links to volunteer opportunities and organizations needing cash donations. If you’d like to learn more, click here.

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